Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wichita, Kansas 2023

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wichita, Kansas – A lawyer or attorney, is a person who has completed the educational and experiential requirements for working as an advocate on behalf of clients’ legal issues. They have completed their legal education and passed the bar exam for practicing law. They can now provide legal counsel and act to represent their clients.

Family lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate attorneys, and a myriad of others are in existence as lawyers have the option to focus their practice on the specific subset of law. They could become experts in particular areas of law and provide their clients the best service possible by choosing specialize in that specific subset. For example an attorney for criminal defense has a deep understanding of the criminal law and also the justice system and can effectively represent clients in criminal cases.

Private practice, law businesses, federal agencies, not-for-profits, and corporations are just a few areas where lawyers may find work. Lawyers can select working on their own or in conjunction with other lawyers. They can also be specialized in working with individuals and businesses, or with government. In a free society, each person’s right to rights must be protected and respected in accordance with the law which is what the job of a lawyer.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Wichita, Kansas 2023

1.Justin KalemkiarianBerry Law Firm
2.Zachary A. “Zach” DeublerDiMuroGinsberg, PC
3.Kathryn S. WallrabensteinTaft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
4.Timothy HintzeColburn Hintze Maletta PLLC
5.Carol LamoureuxLaw Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC
6.Nicholas A. RomanoConnors LLP
7.Tucker DevoeGoodwin
8.Dylan SchweersGoodwin
9.Alexandrea L. NelsonSheehey Furlong & Behm P.C.
10.Anna MikulskiKatten
11.Drew EddyRichards Carrington, LLC
12.Matthew H. WhiteGoodwin
13.Sean HennessyMcDermott Will & Emery
14.Alyssa HughesBarnes & Thornburg LLP
15.Taylon SumnersWampler & Passanise

What exactly is Criminal Defense Lawyer

A lawyer who safeguards the rights of clients charged with criminal offenses is a criminal defense lawyer. Criminal defense attorneys represent clients throughout the entire criminal justice system, starting from the initial investigation to any subsequent plea negotiations, trial and appeals. Their task is to defend the legal interests of their clients as well as build a strong argument to defend their clients and agree on the most advantageous settlement terms possible considering the evidence available and the severity of the circumstance.

Defense Attorney’s Legal Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney include:

  • Counseling clients and protecting them against negative outcomes arising from their charges.
  • Conducting thorough research about the case. This includes interviewing witnesses and gathering relevant evidence.
  • Plea bargaining includes advising clients about their options and working together with prosecutors in order to lower charges or reach an agreement.
  • Trial advocacy involves arguing the case for the client, questioning witnesses, and providing opening and closing arguments.
  • Representation of clients who have been convicted through appeals and request for a new trial or a lower penalty.
  • Counseling clients on their eligibility for parole, probation, and other sentencing alternatives.
  • Monitor legal developments and judicial decisions that may have an effect on the clients’ cases.
  • Counseling clients on the availability and costs of criminal record expungement.
  • Client education and assistance in navigating the criminal justice systems.
  • Protection of clients’ rights and fair trial

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