Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico 2023

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico – A lawyer often referred to as an attorney is a person who has completed the knowledge and skills to work as an advocate for the clients of legal matters. They have completed their legal training and passed the bar examination in order to practice law. These lawyers are able to offer legal advice and serve as advocates of clients.

Family lawyers, criminal attorneys, corporate lawyers, and many more exist due to lawyers’ ability to concentrate their efforts on certain subsets of law. They can be proficient in certain areas of law and hence give their clients with the finest service possible by choosing focus on the particular subset. For example lawyers who specialize in criminal defense has a thorough understanding of Criminal law as well as the system of criminal justice. can assist clients effectively in court proceedings.

Private practice, law firm, government offices, non-profits, and businesses are a few of the areas lawyers can working. Lawyers can select working on their own or in conjunction with other lawyers. They may also have a specialization in working with individuals business, government officials, or even individuals. A fair society requires everyone’s rights must be preserved and protected according to the law, and that is the work of the lawyer.

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico 2023

1.Justin KalemkiarianBerry Law Firm
2.Zachary A. “Zach” DeublerDiMuroGinsberg, PC
3.Kathryn S. WallrabensteinTaft Stettinius & Hollister LLP
4.Timothy HintzeColburn Hintze Maletta PLLC
5.Carol LamoureuxLaw Office of Hernandez & Hamilton, PC
6.Nicholas A. RomanoConnors LLP
7.Tucker DevoeGoodwin
8.Dylan SchweersGoodwin
9.Alexandrea L. NelsonSheehey Furlong & Behm P.C.
10.Anna MikulskiKatten
11.Drew EddyRichards Carrington, LLC
12.Matthew H. WhiteGoodwin
13.Sean HennessyMcDermott Will & Emery
14.Alyssa HughesBarnes & Thornburg LLP
15.Taylon SumnersWampler & Passanise

What exactly is a Criminal Defence Lawyer?

An attorney who focuses on protecting the rights of those being accused of crimes. Criminal defense lawyers represent clients throughout the entire criminal justice system, from the initial investigation until further plea negotiations, trials and appeals. Their role is to protect their clients’ legal interests and to build a strong case in their clients’ defense and negotiate the most favorable settlement terms in light of the evidence that is available and the gravity of the situation.

Defense Attorney’s Legal Responsibilities

These are the responsibilities of a criminal defence attorney:

  • Counselling clients about their options and protecting them against any negative consequences associated with their charges.
  • Conducting thorough research into the circumstances of the case, including interviewing potential witnesses and amassing relevant evidence.
  • Plea bargaining includes advising clients about their options and working together with prosecutors in order to lower charges or reach an agreement.
  • Trial advocacy can include opening and closing arguments, questioning witnesses and arguing a case in the client’s favor.
  • advocating for clients who have been convicted by filing appeals and requesting a new trial or a lesser penalty.
  • Counseling clients about eligibility for release on parole, probation, or other sentencing alternatives.
  • Following legal developments and judicial judgments that could affect their clients’ case.
  • Counseling clients about the available options for expungement of criminal records
  • Helping clients navigate the criminal justice process and to educate them about their rights.
  • Protection of clients’ rights and fair trial

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